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Please let your server know if you have any allergy.

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  1. Spicy Salmon $4.50

    Rolled with spicy salmon, cucumber
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    Yam $4.50

    Rolled with deep fried yam, cucumber with teriyaki sauce
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    Chicken $4.50

    Rolled with chicken, cucumber with teriyaki sauce
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    Beef $4.50

    Rolled with beef, cucumber with teriyaki sauce
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    Smoked Salmon $4.95

    Rolled with smoked salmon, cucumber
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    Alaska $4.95

    Rolled with crab meat, cucumber, and smoked salmon on top
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    Chopped Scallop $4.95

    Chopped scallop, cucumber mixed in mayo sauce
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    Dynamite $4.95

    Rolled with prawn tempura, crab meat, cucumber, and avocado
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    Spicy Dynamite $5.50

    Dynamite roll and spicy sauce on top
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    Double Dynamite $8.95

    2pcs prawn tempura with sweet mayo sauce & crispy powder on top
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    Unagi $4.95

    Rolled with BBQ eel, cucumber with unagi sauce on top
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    Spider $6.95

    Deep fried soft shell crab, crab meat, cucumber with unagi sauce
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    Benkey House Roll $6.95

    Crab meat, egg cake, spicy tuna with oyster sauce
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    Futo Maki $6.95

    5pcs Japanese style jumbo roll with egg cake, spinach,carrot, oshinko, crab meat, cucumber
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    Kappa Maki $2.50

    Rolled with cucumber
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    Tamago Maki $2.50

    Rolled with egg cake
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    Tekka Maki $2.95

    Rolled with raw tuna
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    Sake Maki $2.95

    Rolled with raw salmon
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    Avocado Salmon or Tuna $4.50

    Avocado Salmon or Tuna
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    Negitoro Maki $3.50

    Rolled with tuna belly and green onion
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